BYUI - ART230 Glyphs Challenge
Project 1 - Glyphs Mockup
The Glyphs Project is the first project in my typography class at BYUI. It consisted of creating two compositions using only glyphs. One of the compositions used a sans serif font and the other one used a serif font. Throughout this project I learned more about the anatomy of typefaces and the use of principles of design to create harmonious compositions. 

I was required to use the following specifications:

The format for each composition is 6.75 × 8 inches tall.
Sans-serif font: Neue Haas Grotesque Bold.
Serif font: Stemple Garamond Roman.
Each composition must contain five to eight different glyphs.
Each composition must include at least five unique glyphs (you may not use three a’s, etc.). However you may use a capital A and a lowercase a in the same composition because they are different glyphs.
Each composition should contain at least five different elements of typographic anatomy. They may include: a stem, counter space, spine, bowl, and ascender, descender, loop, arm, cross bar.
Each glyph must be all black or all white. No gray and no color.
In the composition at least two glyphs should be black, and two glyphs should be white.
Do not use outlines around the glyphs.
Use only alphanumeric glyphs (numbers and letters). No punctuation, etc.
Each composition should be abstract and follow design theory. Do not make pictures.
Try to showcase the personality of the font.
Neue Haas Grotesk Display Pro Final
Stempel Garamond LT Std Final
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